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EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is a foremost advocate of intelligent, informative editorials, interviews, features with a feminine touch, guiding readers through a world of luxury goods, services, and experience; a must-read for the beauty seeking high net-worth individual.

Prestigious luxury lifestyle magazines, each is an immersive luxury experience focused on the essence of luxury. Globally renowned, ad-free, with timeless content written by luxury experts. We are also an affluent lifestyle foundation for all the tiers of wealth. We are considered a best kept secret.

EAT LOVE SAVOR started as an editorial passion project – founded, designed and published by a woman, creator of two incredible magazines –  one online, the other in print, luxurious and exclusive, printed on demand and distributed directly to our esteemed readership.


Our readership is sophisticated, successful, affluent, global and largely female who desires the most clarifying, yet nuanced information on luxury travel, cuisine, home décor, jewelry, and real estate. Within our pages, the reader finds content that identifies the Zeitgeist of the affluent human experience — travels that expand awareness, cuisine that underscores and heightens the perfectibility of taste, objets d’art that exude singularity, provenance and worth.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® sees luxury through a feminine lens and views the complex notion of luxury as a state of mind and approach to living. We bring you the gentler side of true luxury, focused on connoisseurship, appreciation, beauty and a sense of ‘joie de vivre’  Each issue is artistically designed like a book, a keepsake, ad-free and elegant with high quality timeless content written by luxury experts in their fields from around the world sharing  informational, insightful, entertaining, uplifting and inspirational articles and stories about interesting people and beautiful luxury living,

We search the world with an eye for the exquisite to bring to you a world of select fine goods, incredible experiences and places to travel, style, fine food, wines, spirits, a high level of elegant living, a look at arts, culture, craftsmanship, worth and value.


EAT LOVE SAVOR is named on the Top 5 Luxury Magazines (Notable Consideration) a list that includes Bloomberg and listed in the Top 10 Best Sites for Luxury, a list that includes Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana; listed as a top luxury lifestyle magazine to follow 2018; We are also distributed in select 4 and 5 star hotels around the world and on select European airlines, first and business class only and through private networks of the worlds wealthiest people and companies.

In the world of EAT LOVE SAVOR® we conceive and create elegant and artistic magazines that are inspired by beauty and the love of true luxury. Inside are highly curated and carefully considered features, all intelligently written and enhanced with incredible photography, on fine goods, services and luxury experiences that lift the spirits and inspire your desires. As you flip through the pages of this publication, it will quickly become apparent that this is not an ordinary magazine. Our readers say it is not a magazine at all; those that know us, say that our magazines are Works of Art.

“It is with the highest intention that each issue is conceived and created. Each one, is devoid of advertising. Unlike magazines where commerce is the focus, ours are created with a much deeper purpose and meaning. It is our philosophy that luxury is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. To experience luxury is a pure joy reaching well beyond possession. It is about connoisseurship, appreciation, beauty, love, savoring and understanding the true value and worth of that which is beautiful, excellent and fulfills the human desires for a rewarding life and sensory stimulating experiences.”

~ Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher and Creative Director

Beyond Luxury Publishing: Wealth Lifestyle Partnership

BEYOND PUBLISHING EAT LOVE SAVOR is partnered with a Wealth Lifestyle company based in Europe that partners with international companies working in off-market real estate, business investment and development. This partnership places us in direct contact with global high net worth investors.

Off Market Real Estate Europe: Are you an investor interested in off-market prime real estate in Europe? We have an exciting portfolio of residential, commercial and historical properties. These properties will never appear in the pages of our magazine, because they are that private and privileged. Investors may contact us with inquiries. Serious inquiries only.